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Dental Health: Are You Brushing Your Teeth Away?

December 30, 2015 | Dental Health

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Away?

A common problem that patients complain about is sensitive teeth. One of the avoidable causes of sensitive teeth that is truly ‘in your hands’ is aggressive brushing.

Many people are under the misconception that brushing harder with a firm bristled tooth brush is more effective at cleaning their teeth. This, coupled with an improper brushing technique (using a back and forth motion) can damage enamel, exposing dentin and resulting in tooth sensitivity.

Using a soft bristle brush, a proper technique, along with regular cleanings at our office, will be more effective at keeping your smile beautiful and healthy.

We also recommend using an electric toothbrush: studies have shown that electric tooth brush users generally brush longer, with better results than those using a manual brush. The electric tooth brush will safely give your teeth that smooth clean feeling that you may be trying to achieve through your current aggressive brushing technique.

If your teeth have become sensitive to hot or cold, or give you pain when you brush them, come in and see us. If aggressive brushing is the problem, we can fix the damaged tooth and offer you suggestions to care for your teeth.

If the sensitivity is caused by a more serious problem, we can start you on the path to better oral heath and a pain-free mouth.