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Dental Health

Our Dental Health blog will offer tips regarding your health, dental options, information on dental issues & the latest in dental technology.

Morning Breath or Something More Serious?

There you are, it’s Saturday morning and you have the whole day ahead of you. You roll over and look at your better half and decide to give them a good morning kiss. But wait!!! What’s been brewing in your mouth over night? Here’s a question – if we floss...

Eat For Your Teeth

Nutrition plays an important role in preventative dentistry. Foods with antioxidant qualities help your body to fight bacteria that cause tooth decay, while foods high in calcium strengthen teeth and bones. A well balanced diet is important in all aspects of your life …including your oral health. Please ask us...

Holiday Dental Health Tip

This time of year there is no shortage of seasonal treats to enjoy during meals with family and friends! One seasonal food that is not only delicious but also benefits your smile may surprise you… cranberries! This holiday season try substituting some cranberries for those sugary sweets. They have a...

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