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Dental Health: Your Dentist’s Checkup List

December 29, 2015 | Dental Health

Your Dentist’s Checkup List

1. Dental Check Ups Include Oral Cancer Screenings.

Dental check ups include screenings for oral cancer, a serious oral disease of the mouth, lips, or throat, but highly curable if detected and treated early.

2. Gum (Periodontal) Disease Affects Your Overall Health.

One of the principal causes of tooth loss, gum disease has also been linked to heart disease. If detected early, it can be treated and reversed.

3. Dental Cleanings and Check Ups are Extremely Important to your Wellbeing.

Dentist's Checkup in Mississauga

Dentist’s Checkup

Your dentist needs to prevent problems before they happen: regular check ups and cleanings will help to maintain proper oral hygiene.

4. Brush and Floss twice Daily.

This helps to prevent cavities by removing the plaque which causes tooth decay. The daily practice is extremely important in preventing gum disease.

5. Bad Breath.

Could be the result of a dental problem. In most situations, there is a direct link between bad breath and a dental condition. Mouthwash will only mask the problem, not treat it.

6. Proper Nutrition is Important for Good Dental Health.

High sugar levels combine with the bacteria in your mouth and may cause tooth decay and gum disease.

7. Dental Problems Do Not Get Better or Go Away Without Treatment.

If your dentist recommends a treatment plan for you, ignoring it will not solve the problem.

8. A Root Canal is Not a Pain.

Root canal treatments are sometimes necessary to save a tooth. Given today’s technology, these treatments are often comfortable and can be anxiety free.

9. You Should Change Your Toothbrush Every Three Months.

Bacteria from your teeth transfer to your toothbrush: if you have gum disease, the rate of this transfer increases. You must change your tooth brush to limit this transfer of bacteria.

10. Maintaining Good Dental Health is Easy.

Brushing twice daily, flossing daily, having regular dental check ups and cleanings, and a proper diet lead to healthy teeth and gums!
Your oral health is integral to your overall health and often offers advance warning of other serious medical conditions. Make sure you visit your dentist if you have any concerns about your oral health and remember the importance of your routinely scheduled check ups.